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Chinese Boxing - Juniors                                      Friday 7:30 - 8:30

The class is for 7 - 13 year olds.  

The ancient art of Chinese Boxing - derived from the Lohan Kung Fu of the Shaolin Monks - is easy to learn and perfect for younger martial artists.  As well as teaching students how to block, kick and punch the class can also improve fitness levels, increase self-confidence & resilience and instil a certain amount of discipline into those who commit to it.



Open to new members.

First night is free, then £3.50 per class








Chinese Boxing & Self Defence                                     Friday 7:30 - 9:00


The term 'Chinese Boxing' is itself quite vague and can encompass a large range of techniques.  In this class we are currently focusing on knee strikes and kicks, both defending against and attacking with them.  

The class is suitable for everyone, whether looking to improve their sparring technique, wanting to increase their confidence through the self defence part of the class or just wanting to increase their fitness. 



Class is open to new members.

£5 per class.     


Ba Gua                                                                          Tuesday 7:30 - 9:00


Ba Gua is one of the three internal systems of Chinese Martial Arts, its primary purpose within the White Cloud syllabus is to improve the practitioner's footwork which will in turn improve most other aspects of their art.

In this introductory class students class will start by learning the basic footwork, the set of full body exercises designed to stretch every paert of the body and the Ba Gua Chi Gung set which gives the art its internal power. 





Class is only for current members.

£25 per calendar month.






All classes are held in the sports hall at:

St Bede's RC High School,

Green Lane,


BB2 4SR.



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The White Cloud Martial Arts Academy is the original school founded in 1962 by Master Derek Gordon, passed directly to his highest ranked student Master Dave Cowell in 1994 and now training exclusively at St Bede's RC Sports College.  Over the years many instructors have been trained at the White Cloud Academy and several now run successful schools of their own.  However, although these instructors are White Cloud trained they are not recognised by the Academy and as such neither are any of their students. 

The White Cloud Martial Arts Academy at St Bedes is not associated with any other school of Kung Fu and is the only place to learn the White Cloud Kung Fu system devised by Master Derek Gordon!

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