Open Hand Systems


Chinese Boxing

 Long Form boxing is the system taught first to all members of the academy and although it consists mostly of two-man drills to improve blocks, punches and kicks, there is also a shot form called the 'H-Pattern' to learn.  The most basic form of which is demonstrated by Assistant Instructor Steve Collins and Student Craig Payne below:

Wing Chun

Like all schools of Wing Chun, the White Cloud Academy teaches the three open hand forms of Wing Chun:

The first, Siu Lum Tao, demonstrated by Sifus Ben Mercer and Maurice Clempson:

The second form, Chum Kiu, demonstrated  by Maurice Clempson


Tai Chi Chuan

The White Cloud 84 step Tai Chi form is a lot longer than most of the forms practiced elsewhere.  It is generally taught in four sections, only the first of which is shown below by sifu Alan Williamson:


In addition to the White Cloud 84 step the Academy also practices the standardised 24 step and 10 step forms of the Yang style, the latter can be seen here.

Weapons Systems


Sabre (Dan Dao)

The White Cloud Sabre Form fits into the Tai Chi section of the syllabus and as such is taught in accordance with the internal principles of that system.  However the form can also be practiced at a speed more in keeping with the weapons real purpose, both variations are shown below by Ben Mercer:


Straight Sword (Ji'en)

Once the student is adept with the sabre they can progress on to the straight, a weapon which requires more accuracy and precision.  The form is also a more complicated one to learn, the first half of which is shown by Sifu Martin Perry below:



Before the White Cloud Staff form is learnt, students are taught a simpler seven move routine which involves numerous hand changes and is designed to improve confidence and competence with the weapon.  Four repetitions of which are shown below:



Both the single and double stick are taught, starting with the basic strikes and progressing through various two-man drills to sparring.  Once such drill is demonstrated below by Ben Mercer and Martin Perry:


Miscellaneous Weapons

Along with the four main weapons which form the core of the Academy's weapons syllabus, a variety of rarer, more advanced weapons are taught to the higher graded students.  Such as

The Ba Gua Dao:

The Ba Gua Sabre form is the longest in the White Cloud syllabus and has been learnt in full by only a handful of people.  The form is split into eight sections, the first two and last two are shown below by Ben Mercer:



The Nine-Section Whip (Jiu Jie Bian):


The White Cloud Martial Arts Academy is the original school founded in 1962 by Master Derek Gordon, passed directly to his highest ranked student Master Dave Cowell in 1994 and now training exclusively at St Bede's RC Sports College.  Over the years many instructors have been trained at the White Cloud Academy and several now run successful schools of their own.  However, although these instructors are White Cloud trained they are not recognised by the Academy and as such neither are any of their students. 

The White Cloud Martial Arts Academy at St Bedes is not associated with any other school of Kung Fu and is the only place to learn the White Cloud Kung Fu system devised by Master Derek Gordon!

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