9 - Sectional Whip

The 9 - sectional whip, known in Chinese as the Jiu Jie Bian, is made up of 9 steel rods attached to each other with chain links and with a weighted dart at the end to strike with.  The whip comes in a variety of lengths and weights to suit the user.

Like the 3 - sectional staff, the steel whip is not a weapon for the novice and is taught only when the student has shown proficiency with the staff.  However, everything in White Cloud is circular so the understanding of the dynamics and continuous motion of the whip can be transferred back to improve ones fluency and technique with the staff.   


The White Cloud Martial Arts Academy is the original school founded in 1962 by Master Derek Gordon, passed directly to his highest ranked student Master Dave Cowell in 1994 and now training exclusively at St Bede's RC Sports College.  Over the years many instructors have been trained at the White Cloud Academy and several now run successful schools of their own.  However, although these instructors are White Cloud trained they are not recognised by the Academy and as such neither are any of their students. 

The White Cloud Martial Arts Academy at St Bedes is not associated with any other school of Kung Fu and is the only place to learn the White Cloud Kung Fu system devised by Master Derek Gordon!

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